Malmö is the third biggest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Göteborg. The train from Copenhagen to Malmö takes around 20 minutes.  The route over the bridge on the train is filled with beautiful sights. Since there are many immigrants in Sweden, local authorities checked our passports over the border. Zoe (23) and Isak (25) picked me up at the train station. After a ten minute walk to their home, I already knew that I’d have an enjoyable time with both of them. When we arrived, I was surprised that they lived together in a one-room apartment. Usually, Zoe sleeps on the big couch that can be converted into a double “king size” bed and Isak was sleeping on a camp bed next to the tv which. Isak’s bed was going to be mine for the next three days, and Zoe will share her’s with Isak.

Later that midday, they took me for a walk around the city. We tried to get to the last floor of a hotel, to have a view over the city. Some other people got on the same elevator, but then we realized that you need a room key to activate the elevator. None of us had one, and we moved on, trying not to look dumb after this failure. A bit later, Zoe was making a traditional Swedish, Gluten, Lactose and Fructose meal for us.Isak was gluten, Zoe lactose and I was fructose intolerant. A Funny combination. Around ten arrived Zoe’s friend, who joined us for some wine and rum. It was the first time where I was drinking a lot of rum and soon realized that you get exhausted of it. Isak and I passed away around two in the morning. The girls were sipping wine and continued until four, where they woke us up to say goodbye to Zoe’s friend.  Zoe had some obligations for the following morning, so I spent it with Isak. It was from there where the whole Malmö trip became interesting. Isak is reading around one to seven books per week, all about entrepreneurship and life. He told me that he’s seeking for the ultimate answer, that most young people have at the age of 20. “What to do with my life?”.

He studied gardening engineering but dropped out because it was too easy for him. Since ever does he open books instead of beers. We talked a lot about this topic, and I felt, regardless how much doubt I have with that question, to be further in life than he was. We had a lengthy discussion about smartphones and social media, how they affect us in our everyday decisions and life. With a smartphone, connected to social media (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,…) you’re only 80% focused on your surroundings and the reality. The rest 20% of your mind is online. “Bing”. A notification and you’re online again checking out what only exists virtually. That’s why, when I’m not traveling and stay over a longer period in Luxembourg, I remove social media accounts and change my Smartphone to an old nine keypad Nokia. I did it once for two weeks and will do it next week again for some time. It feels amazing, and you get so much time to do other stuff. While everybody is checking the last status update in the bus, am I reading or trying to learn a new language. The nights became longer and calmer, while the need of seeking unsatisfying satisfaction in the online world became less.

Isak had obligations for the midday, so I spent it with Zoe. She gave me Isak’s bike, put her little dog in the basket on her bike, and we drove around Malmö. She showed me the open-air swimming along the beach, afterward, we cycled to the harbour where she dropped the dog off because she shared him with her ex.  Eventually, she brought me to the music hill, where they play music in a valley during the whole year. Later on, we saw some buildings such as the highest apartment building in the world, the post house, central train station, a little Colosseum and so on. It was so cold that day that we froze our asses off. During her stay in the US, she passed by a mysterious old house. The owner was sitting on the terrace. She asked him if she could film him, the house and hear his story. She showed me the final product, and it has been like those old, interesting documentaries they play on tv. I was amazed by her work.
While driving back home, we passed by a grocery store to get some food. My plan was to make a “Filet de boeuf” with french fries, salad, and banana split with whiskey as dessert. We left with pepper steak and a salad; the rest was missing. After dinner, Zoe had several things to do, so Isak and I went out to a pub in the city, playing some drinking games which I learned from my visit to Copenhagen. The bar area had several shootings in the last couple of weeks.
Before I was leaving the next day, Isak took me around the city and to a castle. Then was time to leave Malmö. This was my very first real experience traveling alone and relying on strangers I met online.

Amazing feeling.


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