The traffic light turns green, I’m the first in the line, hit the gas and turn to the left. Trying to hold my eyes open, they are wet and full of water as the Niagara waterfalls. Strange noises are coming out of my throat. Concentration equal zero. I need to hurry. My plane leaves within two hours, and I still got one to drive. On my arrival, I return the rental car with the scratches on the side – fucking jealous people. Looking for an empty space at the airport, it’s embarrassing to cry out loud in a public area. Found a spot but there are still people around me. “Please go to Gate 3B for boarding to Amsterdam”. My call. I need to board. Les Miserables was playing on my smartphone during the flight. Hid in the bathroom at Amsterdam airport for another hour, one more to go for boarding. When we took off to Luxembourg, I sat next to a guy, with tears in my eyes looking out of the window trying not to attract attention.

It was the beginning of a new me, and it came from the source of a, 10 hours ago, first love long distance relationship breakup.


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