The lucky guy in Stockholm (2/2)


It was a sunny Friday morning. After breakfast, I packed my stuff, exchanged number with Per because we were looking to hang out again during my stay and said good-bye.

My suitcase was too heavy to take to around all day. I locked it up at the central metro station. I explored the first days only the southern areas of Stockholm. That’s why I decided to head towards the east. At the time I arrived at the harbour, there was a ferry docking to pick up the passengers. A short look at the timetable and I decided to board. During the trip, there was this mysterious looking castle on a little mountain on an island. I decided to visit it sometime later. One stop later, I found myself on an island. After walking a little bit around, I found an entry to a park, or whatever it was but I decided to follow the path. It turned out that this was the way to visit all museums and exhibitions which were on this island, and there were around 24. The first exhibition was the “Spiritmuseum.” Here you get closer to the Swedish alcohol history, how they produce it, what the harmful side effects are and that alcohol is not only a drug but a tradition in Sweden. At the reception, I asked what the entry fee was, and this was the conversation:

Me: Hello, I would like to know what’s the entry fee for this exhibition, since I saw that there are many on this island and don’t want to spend a fortune on museums.
Receptionist: Where are you from?
Me: Luxembourg ..?
Receptionist: Oh so you do speak German?
(now we are talking in German)
Me: Yes

Receptionist: You know, since I’m currently the chef in the reception here, I let you in for free, and here’s this and that, have fun.

Cute girl. Inside of the museum, you could smell different flavours of snaps, rum, gin, etc. which were made out of oranges, potatoes, and many other flavours. I got a bit tipsy by all the smelling. In a small caravan, you could listen to one of the 400 Swedish drinking songs. Some were translated into English, such as:

“I like the snaps and the snaps like me,
thrilling as only snaps can be.
I want to drink the real elite:
Aalborger aquavite! …” 

After I had said goodbye to the lovely receptionist, I moved to the next museum. The museum of the ship Vasa had six floors so that you could admire every level of the ship. Vasa was a warship from the middle age to protect Stockholm. It took over three years to build it, and it was huge! Unfortunately, Vasa was unstable and sunk during its young driving. The ship was cover by mud for ages, and that’s why it was in such a good condition. It couldn’t be retrieved before the 80’s due to its size.

It became late, haven’t eaten yet and continued to follow the path in hope to find something eatable and not expensive. While passing one exhibition and museum after another, finally, there was a café where I would get a sandwich. Surprisingly, this wasn’t an ordinary café. It was the café of the ABBA museum with a live performance of local musicians and singers. Subsequently, I took the tram back to the central station, where I should meet Nina, my Couchsurfing Hostess for the next days.

Nina was waiting in front of a Dunkin Donut store for me, where she just finished her shift. We planned to see the Swedish “Pre-Eurovision Song Contest” where they choose their singer for the “Eurovision Song Contest”. No pub showed it on television, except one. A drag queen pub. Nevertheless, we didn’t care, took a seat and ordered beers, cocktails, shots and nachos during the whole evening while watching the contest and answering a quiz to win a prize in the pub. The contest was over around ten, however, we were still in good mood and wanted to go partying. There was a club next door with a queue. I stood like an idiot with my suitcase in the line. Nina passed the queue as she was somebody important, and told the security I was a famous DJ from Luxembourg and that I was going to play here tonight. I couldn’t hold it back but needed to laugh out loud. I was even surprised that he let us in. Inside the club, we ordered more rounds of cocktails, beers and tequila shots dancing to music from the late 2010’s.

Next morning I didn’t remember much. It was early because Nina needed to get back to work. We ate breakfast and got on the metro. I dropped her off at work and continued my journey. Even tough I was hungover, tired and all that stuff, I was walking all day. Harbor to Harbor, park to park. At the end of the day, I picked Nina from DD up. She took two boxes full of doughnuts with her which she was going to give to homeless people. Cute girl. My last evening and as a thank you gift, I was making dinner. Pepper steak with potatoes, vegetables and pasta. Maybe I made a bit too much for two hungover people. At the very end, we sat together on the couch, joking around and watching “Mr Bean’s holiday”. After my first “long” night since my arrival, we needed to get back up again – Nina needed to go to work. We had Dunkin Donuts croissants and went to the city. With my suitcase in my hand, I said farewell to her and left to get my flight.

Thanks to everybody who made Stockholm an unforgetable trip.


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