Lovely wanderlust girl

Hamburg was the next location on my list due to my fructose intolerance disease. Here, they have a therapy which is unique, the very only place to do it and it’s made to “cure” any food intolerance disease. Three days before my arrival, I was looking on Couchsurfing for a place to stay over. These “therapy trips” are very expensive and therefore I try to save as much money as possible. Luckily I found Johanna, who replied within 10min. and told me that she was going to arrive at the airport the same time as I. Moreover, I could stay for the whole week and her parents were gone.

I was waiting for her and her friend in the airport. She just returned with her best friend from Manchester where she made a spontaneous “blind flight” trip. They greeted me lovely and I already felt that the next week is going to be very enriching, spending time with her in Hamburg. Home, she told me I could sleep in the loft room. It was her sister’s room but she moved out. The following week, I needed to get up around 7, to get tested and see the doctor and at 1 PM, I was free for the rest of the day.

On Monday, Johanna picked me up at the nearest metro station to the doctor’s cabinet. She took me on a city trip to east Hamburg with many small interesting shops and got to know each other better. She even explained stuff as a tourist guide would do. I’m used meeting vegetarian’s during my trip. However, she was the very first vegan and on top to that, soja free nourishment.

The next couple of days, I was mostly exploring Hamburg on my own. The weather was dull and she was working as a freelance servant for majors events in Hamburg, so her schedule was full too. Nevertheless, when she was free, she made time and drove me around to visit many places with me. In the evening, after a long day, we ate together, drank lying on the couch beer and talked about everything or watched Netflix.

Thursday, my second last day, she drove me to the only “mountain” (which actually was an old dumping ground) to enjoy the sunset. Then we went to a local vegan restaurant, to get a salad and mushroom burger. (Not my style, but that’s what you gotta do)

Friday, my last day, we met near the port, to take a ferry down the river to the beach. We’ve been to the captain’s homes and relaxed on the beach with the sun touching our skins. After a late lunch, we took the ferry back but stopped at the Elbphilharmonie, to have a beautiful view over whole Hamburg and the port during the sunset.

It was an amazing week thanks to her. It felt like I met a soulmate in another place.


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